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The blocktick leverage blockchain technology for validating the authenticity and integrity of your digital documents. The blockchain-anchored system instantly verifies every official record important for your organization. We use Bitcoin, Ethereum and EOS blockchains for ensuring the existence and integrity of the digital documents.

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Global Verification

With blocktick, end user can independently verify the records from anywhere in the world.

No matter your data is spread internationally across many organization.

Provide Ownership

The blocktick use blockchain technology to certify the document ownership.

We certifies and enlist who created, accessed or modified your digital records.

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blk-doc tasks example

Fully Interoperable

The blocktick independently issues and verifies records with no middlemen or intermediaries.

Strong cryptography and blockchain help in delivering tamper-proof certificates.

Digitized Process

The blocktick reduces paper works in certification processes.

It eases everything via digital communication leveraging blockchain. Any tampering on the document is easily traced and examined.

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blk-doc tasks example

Easily Shareable

The blocktick helps you in easy sharing of your documents and verify them for a lifetime.

Direct Communication

The blocktick allows users to independently verify their digital documents any time, from anywhere without relying on any third party authentication.

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